Digital alignment: Anticipating and responding to a digital future

Several trends are coalescing to offer transformational possibilities for customer management. The maturing of the internet, mobile device penetration and the opportunity represented by “big data” mean that organising our response isn’t easy.  Predicting, prioritising, planning, piloting, and embedding our response may require new competencies.

At the May 2014 CCMF meeting we are pleased to be joined by guest-host Rod Street, author of The Multichannel Challenge. Rod will be leading the first part of the day where he will be helping our members to explore how they can work with digital customers.  Participants will be encouraged to envision what digital and virtual might look like in the not too distant future and then discuss the challenges for their business.

As usual we will have some fantastic case study presentations including from the pharmaceuticals industry, from the world of ‘big data’, and from the media industry talking about a shift from channel silos to multichannel journey.  (We will post more about these cases in due course.)

About Rod Street: Rod is a Cambridge economist by background who joined Unilever in marketing and new products before moving into consulting. Rod was also previously a partner with PwC, an Executive Partner at IBM Global Business Services and International Consulting Leader at IRI.

Workshop aims: We’re looking forward to learning from Rod, our guest speakers and our members about how to bring structure to the strategic challenge of digital alignment. And about how to enable a cohesive team response to important issues facing organisations – especially those involving customers and channels.

Interested in joining CCMF: The next Cranfield Customer Management Forum meeting will be held on the 22nd May. If you are interested in membership please contact:

Posted by: Dr Emma K. Macdonald, CCMF Research Director

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