Conversations with Thinkers: Radio interview on RET

A key objective of the Cranfield Customer Management Forum (CCMF) is leading edge research.  CCMF members benefit by being the first to hear about this research and sometimes through participating in it.

A topic we’ve returned to a few times over the past couple of years has been the work Hugh and I have been doing with MESH Planning.  MESH developed a unique Real Time Experience Tracking (RET) method which enables companies to get closer to their customers.  For more about our work with RET, listen to this recent radio interview I gave on New York radio show, The John Batchelor Show, which can now be played on the “Conversations with Thinkers” blog.

The interview was related to our recent HBR article:  “Better Customer Insight – in Real Time”, Harvard Business Review article, Sept 2012.

The interviewer was journalist, author and blogger, Chris Riback.

The interviewee was myself, CCMF’s research director, Dr Emma Macdonald.

For more about MESH Planning go to:

Posted by: Dr Emma Macdonald, Cranfield Customer Management Forum – Research Director

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