First time around, CRM promised the earth…..

Next CCMF club members meeting (28 Feb 2013) reflects on CRM: The next generation…

First time round, CRM promised the earth but delivered little more than integrated customer databases and crude cross-selling that all too often felt like hard selling. But CRM is back. This time, it’s real-time, as relationships are built on conversations, and they work best when they’re two-way. It’s customer centric, which implies listening to customer needs via perceptual sources and not just crunching transactional data. And it’s social, reflecting the need to talk wherever the customer wants – and often, they’re in company. This workshop explores how all this can add up.

Speakers will include:

Lisa Shattock, Senior Marketing Manager at BT and Andy Scott, Director, GfK Business & Technology. They will be speaking together on Underpinning CRM with insight fusion at BT.
Transactional data might tell you where there are opportunities to up-sell, but you need perceptual data to triangulate this with opportunities to add value in the customer’s eyes. BT report on the benefits of their innovative fusion of insight sources to create actionable segmentation, across both B2B and B2C sides of the business.

Guy Shone, Head of Customer Insight at Money Advice Service and Tim Crick, Decisioning Blueprints on Experience personalisation at Money Advice Service.
Money Advice Service is a public service offering financial advice. Its strategy director and Tim Crick, until recently head of CRM at RBS, discuss how it is leveraging the power of predictive analytics to improve customer experience and value.

Debi Bester, Founder of FMLY on SuperSavvyMe: P&G, social CRM, and the next generation.
Debi launched P&G’s SuperSavvyMe community, with a million members, among numerous other projects. She will reflect on how social and CRM are merging and what to do about it.

Helen Crowley, CEO of Alchemy Social on Social CRM: the next generation
The leading edge is combining social media advertising with analytics that bring social media into the firm’s CRM processes. Helen will draw on multiple client projects in telecoms, hotels, financial services and fashion to outline what’s working now and what’s next.

  • “CRM: The next generation”, 28th Feb 2013, Cranfield School of Management: 
    – Already a CCMF member? Book your place with your company contact or get in touch with Lynne Wood at 
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