Orchestrating great customer experiences

Experience never leaves the agenda of marketers so it never leaves our agenda at Cranfield.  Forum Director, Prof Hugh Wilson outlines the key focus areas in a recent video interview:   http://youtu.be/ZB3M1xhkYfM

November 22nd – Orchestrating great customer experiences

The theme of the forthcoming workshop of the Cranfield Customer Management Forum is managing the customer experience.   In a world in which the core product/service is often commoditised, we need to understand our customers’ holistic experience of us, and then optimise it to their benefit and ours. The November workshop provides leading-edge input into each of these topics.  Topics include:

SAS and MESH Planning: on the application of real time experience tracking (RET) technique to a key multichannel challenge: how to gear up the firm to serve the very different channel combinations preferred by different customers.

Cranfield and Spectrum Insight: on how social media data can be used not just qualitatively but quantitatively to understand what brand attributes are driving sales, and where action is most urgently required.   Case studies in the automotive and supermarket categories will be presented.

RBS:  Experience insight is useless unless it’s actioned. And if you want some serious action, hire a black belt! That’s what RBS did when they appointed a Six Sigma expert at improving the customer experience. The results from RBS’s Group Head of Customer Experience are fascinating and insightful.

Attending the November workshop:  If your organisation is already a member of Cranfield Customer Management Forum, then ask your lead contact about attending the forum in November or call Yvonne Thompson on 01234 751122.

Not yet a member?  If your organisation is not yet a CCMF member, then contact us for more information:  email Pippa Highfield at P.A.Highfield@cranfield.ac.uk

Hugh, Emma and the CCMF team

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