Cranfield in Harvard Business Review

Following on from our recent blogpost (August 2012), we’re delighted to let you know that our 7-page article “Better Customer Insight – in Real Time” appears in the September issue.   (If you are fortunate enough to read the glossy magazine you will notice the article is listed on the front cover!)

This paper on real-time experience tracking (RET) is based on the work we’ve had underway for the past three years with innovative research agency MESH Planning.  MESH developed a technique for capturing customer data via the mobile phone which is revolutionising how companies understand the customer experience.  We’ve been helping MESH and their clients with the analytics to make the most of the data.  This article illustrates some of the applications of this new tool.

For the next few days the article can be read free online (until end of next week 14 Sept 2012).  Please do take a look at it and let us know what you think

Dr Emma Macdonald and Prof Hugh Wilson

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