Enhancing the effectiveness of low resourced campaigns

One syndicate session at the May 2012 meeting of Cranfield Customer Management Forum identified this as a key challenge:

This discussion was inspired by a great presentation on RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), a UK charity which reached over one million young people off the back of a direct mail campaign to 12 influential bloggers.   (Thanks to Doug Dunn from TunedIn and Debi Bester from Proximity for a truly inspiring session).

Frequently senior management are setting their marketing teams the objective of developing campaigns with minimal resources (time or finances), compelling them to think differently.   These are a few of the principles that the syndicate discussed:

  • Start each marketing campaign meeting from the premise that you have no money to spend and brainstorm ideas based around your campaign objective
  • Leverage your existing assets:  Search for under-utilised assets that already exist within the business but are not being used to their full potential
  • Turn the business inside out:  Look beyond the nuts and bolts of the business and seek resources that can be used in a different way or repurposed.
  • Start lots of small campfires rather than one big bonfire:  Start small and build on what is working.
  • Think thin and deep:  Look for ways to develop deep relationships with a small number of customers who will then become strong advocates on your behalf.
  • Make your customers the heroes: Go beyond testimonials and use your customers to tell your story.
  • Gain senior management buy-in by taking the time to show them: Often people just assume CEOs/senior management don’t value their work or are resistant to new technologies.  But perhaps no one has taken the time to show them.  However, pick your moments.  For instance, one organisation gives printouts of customer feedback to their CEO so that she has something to read on long flights.  This helps to demonstrate the value of the marketing team through the voice of the customer.

Do any of the workshop participants want to add further comments?  Other thoughts welcome!

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