Early bird agenda: Marketing innovation

Next Cranfield Customer Management Forum workshop is on Marketing Innovation – 27 Sept 2012

We have super case studies from Orange, Jewson and Ahlstrom, plus Cranfield expert Chris van der Hoven. And an innovative ring-a-friend session to get you some peer support on our own company’s innovation challenges.

CEOs are clear. They want more accountability and more innovation out of marketers. You can’t get radically better metrics without both incremental and step-change innovation, actually. This workshop deals with both.

We start with an expert view on what distinguishes high-innovation firms, industries and countries from low-innovation ones, from Cranfield’s Chris van der Hoven. He will draw on his recent research in India as well as his personal impressive track record.

We then have three case studies tackling different aspects of the challenge, starting with innovation in the brand. Orange Business Services report on a successful three-year project to refresh both the brand and, of course, the customer experience through which the brand is largely perceived. Billion dollar paper and materials group Ahlstrom also have an experience led approach, looking at how the whole value chain contributes to a customer getting their job done – such as us decorating our house – and where the unmet needs are. This systematic approach helps to embed innovation as a habit. Jewson are crowdsourcing their innovation, and will discuss the challenges this poses in opening out the organisational boundary.

Last but not least, we have a syndicate ‘ring-a-friend’ session that will allow delegates to team up with others facing similar issues and provide some peer support.

Further dates for the diary

Finally, further dates for the diary. If you have thoughts about what you most want us to cover, or speaker ideas, or what research we should be doing and feeding back to members on these topics, do let us know.

22 November on customer experience.
Speakers include RBS, Orange, SAS and Cranfield.

28 February 2013 on CRM.

16 May 2013 on multichannel.

For more information about any of these events or joining the forum: CCMF@cranfield.ac.uk


Hugh Wilson
Forum Director

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