Improving marketing effectiveness

We’re looking forward to the forthcoming Cranfield Customer Management Forum meeting on 10th May.  The theme of the event is “Improving Marketing Effectiveness”.

It’s all very well not knowing which half of your marketing spend is wasted, but at times like this, the CEO is likely to call your bluff, halve your budget and make it your problem! Today’s CEOs don’t stop there: they also demand innovation from marketers. The May workshop will begin with lessons from the leaders in marketing campaigns: distillations from 250 submissions to the IPA Effectiveness Awards, from major report co-author Claire Spencer.

We then look at a radical innovation in marketing which is already proving its ability to drive step-change improvements in effectiveness. It builds on the next-best action concept which is driving CRM performance up sharply. The Forum heard all about this from, amongst others, Aly Richards when she was then CRM director at O2. She’s coming back to present on the next step: next-best content. By listening to social media conversation, the company can join in seamlessly, picking up on current themes in an individualised way. Aly will report on some early success at Guinness, with click-through rates up 190%, email open rates up 332% and a 7.5x increase in engagement in six months.

Which raises the issue of what we mean by engagement anyway. Sky, along with my Cranfield researcher Anne Mollen, will report on progress with measuring & improving online engagement and its outcomes.

Our final case reports on RNLI’s crowdsourcing of a campaign which achieved extraordinary results for the cost of just twelve personalised, subversive mailings to opinion leaders in the target segment. (By the way, driving hard marketing improvements from social media is just as relevant to you if you’re B2B, as we heard from RS Components in February – we’ll have more on crowdsourcing in B2B in September.)

Finally, our social media session in February had a very successful peer support session where delegates who wished to floated issues they were struggling with and got some expert brainstorming on how to solve them. We’ll repeat the process this time, so bring along your key marketing effectiveness challenge.

Contact us at: for more information about joining the forum.

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