Theme was ‘brotherhood’ at Cranfield last week

Great workshop at Cranfield last week on the topic of Embedding Social Media in Marketing Practice – despite threats of snow and freezing rain!   Fantastic talks from our guest speakers including:

  • IBM on demystifying social to make it part of everyday business;
  • Chivas on their campaign for Chivas Regal whiskey and how to evaluate an effective social campaign;
  • RS Components, creator of the DesignSpark community for design engineers, on what it means to be social in a B2B context;
  • Rank Interactive talking about the impact, and potential, of online gaming.

We also brainstormed issues we are grappling with:

  • How far should we shift from our category to generate social interest (particularly when we operate in a ‘low involvement’ category)?
  • How to embed social in marketing strategy and how to deal with the ‘ownership’ challenge?
  • What to do about the combined challenges of limited budget and limited time for social?

What are your thoughts on these issues? Leave a comment….


Dr Emma Macdonald
CCMF Research Director
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  1. cranfieldcmf says:

    Video interviews with the speakers at this event are available on the Cranfield Customer Management Forum webpages at:

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