Embedding social media in marketing practice

Our next workshop for CCMF members is coming up on 9th February 2012.  This is the year in which we need to work out the place of social media within our integrated marketing practice. It’s the same shift we made nine or ten years ago with dot-com. This workshop explores some of the ways in which social media are here to stay, and provides a space for evaluating your social media strategy with some peer support.

Embedding social media in marketing practice

IBM has the scale of client engagements to be in a good position to reflect on the place of social media within the multichannel customer journey, and equally the place of social media within the firm, so we’ve asked an IBM expert to begin the day with some thoughts from recent projects. We then have four case studies exploring different applications of social media.

A first step for many firms is market research. Jamesons are a super example of a brand which is analysing what’s said about them online and feeding this insight rapidly into its communications strategy.

The multiple prize-winning RNLI case shows that the traditional barrier between customer insight and communications is being rapidly eroded. Crowdsourced content was distributed to some influential bloggers by tailored mail packs – just twelve of them. The result was a campaign which reached 11% of 15-20 year olds, all from 12 envelopes. Now that’s direct mail!

Social media can be embedded not just in the communications process but in the value delivery itself. This is illustrated well by RS Components, an early innovator in B2B online sales a decade ago and still ahead of the curve in enhancing customer experience through its online hub.

At leisure sites like Mecca Bingo, peer-to-peer engagement is inherent to the proposition and has been for some time, so we can all learn from what its parent Rank has learned about supporting social encounters online and integrating them with the offline proposition.

Finally we will have a working session in which four groups will brainstorm approaches to challenges posted by delegates about their own businesses. Members suggested this format to us, and it’s been enthuastically received in the last two workshops, so we’ll do it again!

Contact us at: CCMF@Cranfield.ac.uk for more information about joining the forum.

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