24th Nov: Channel hopping

The agenda is set for our next CCMF member’s meeting at Cranfield.   The theme for the Nov 24 meeting is “hopping” – or channel hopping to be precise!  The actual title is MAXIMISING THE RETURN ON MULTICHANNEL MARKETING and once again we have an exciting line up of speakers.

We’re very pleased to have Michael Lynch from National Savings & Investments (NS&I) back to talk with us.   Michael is the Head of Demand Planning and Chair of the Marketing & Sales Committee at NSI.  Michael is going to talk about how to achieve channel shift at scale, including how NS&I have grown internet to a multi-billion pound channel.  He will share some of his insights about the structure and metrics needed when customers hop between channels.

Then Brendan Dineen is going to share some insights from the 2011 IBM Global CMO Survey.  Brendan is the Director of Marketing – Demand Programmes at IBM UK.  He is going to talk about how markers are addressing the challenges of skilling up to maximize return on multichannel marketing.   He will discuss how we can make multichannel journeys work for both the organisation and the customer.

After some morning coffee, we’ll be joined by Prof Don Schultz who we’ve flown out from Chicago to speak with us.  Don is a Visiting Professor at Cranfield and Emeritus Professor at NorthWestern University.  He is also President of the consulting firm, Agora, regular columnist in the US-publication, Marketing Management, and author of thirteen books on marketing.  Don consults across several sectors and is going to share his observations on what we need to do about multichannel marketing as the marketing system we grew up with is breaking down irrevocably.

After a fine lunch from the Cranfield buffet, we’ll have some discussions on the multichannel challenge.  And then our final guest speaker for the day, Aadil Qureshi from IBM will talk about how being agile is vital.  Aadil is Senior Consultant at IBM Interactive.  He is going to suggest ways that organizations can develop the ‘structural agility’ necessary to govern multichannel, the ‘experience agility’ required to embed the voice of the customer, and the ‘technological agility’ to make us flexible and responsive to rapid changes in customer behaviour.

As usual, Prof Hugh Wilson will round up the day with observations from the day’s sessions.  And then we’ll invite our members for their feedback and topics for discussion at the next meeting.

Posted by: Dr Emma Macdonald, CCMF

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