Cranfield on customer centricity and multichannel

Dear members and friends of CCMF
Great to see many of you at last month’s CCMF meeting on the theme of Becoming Customer Centric.  As usual we were inspired by the speakers and participants (see key insights below). For members who couldn’t make it, all of the presentations and relevant white papers are available on the CCMF website or contact us if you’ve forgotten your password.  

Next CCMF meeting 24 November 2011:

Maximising the Value of the Multichannel Customer
Multichannel is the theme of the November workshop.  We will address several questions including: How to achieve next generation channel management where we hold an individualised conversation with the customer as they jump between channels?  Do our structure and metrics help us or hinder us?  Do we deal with different customers differently?  CCMF members can book a place by contacting us.  If you are not currently a CCMF member, contact us for more information.

Key insights from CCMF’s September meeting on Becoming Customer Centric:

  1. Acting on insight is just as important for existing relationships as new ones

Andrew Cushing, Head of Marketing came in to talk with us about how Wolseley (distributor to the builder’s trade via its Plumb-Center and Build-Center brands) has transformed itself in a competitive market from a supplier of commodities (bricks and bogs) into a customer-centric, provider of bundled offerings.  Andrew was inspired to come and talk with us after participating in the May 2011 CCMF forum when Andrew Mann spoke about Sainsbury’s great conversations with its customers.  Modelling themselves on Sainsbury’s Nectar program, Wolseley developed its award-winning loyalty program for the builder’s trade.  In the process, they under-went a cultural transformation which saw the branches learn to appreciate the value of customer data and prioritise insight over promotions (such as ‘golf days’)

2. Today’s call centres are not prepared for the demanding, autonomous consumer
Dr Nicola Millard, Futurologist at British Telecom scared us with her predictions about the empowered and independent consumer.  The autonomous consumer will look after their own queries through use of search engines and forums.  So when the autonomous consumer resorts to a call centre, their query is likely to be either complex or emotive – or both! (like a “gorilla with a baseball bat”) – yet many call centres are geared up only to deal with transactional queries (like “the kitten in a box”).

3. You are not customer-centric unless you act on insight in real-time
Tim Dowd, Insight Director from Sky Broadcasting highlighted that you are not truly customer centric unless you act on insight in real time.  Using the real-time tracking approach of MESH Planning, Sky has developed an insight process where they can pre-test and evaluate a campaign within 3 days.  This allows Sky to be real-time responsive and their record so far is the withdrawal of a campaign one day before launch.  You also need to know the value of your insight:  Fiona Blades CEO of innovative research agency, MESH Planning discussed how they have been working on various ways to quantify the value of their insight for Sky and other clients.

We look forward to welcoming our members to Cranfield at the next forum meeting on 24 November.  Members don’t forget to let us know if you want to book a place.  Not yet a member? Get in touch about membership or call                +44-(0)1234 75 1122        . 

Warm regards,

Hugh, Emma and the team

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